First Day of Trading Press Release

8 January 2024

MBC GROUP Announcement of Listing and Commencement of Trading on Saudi Exchange

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia: MBC GROUP (“MBC” or the “Company” or the “Group), one of the leading media and entertainment companies in the Middle East and North Africa (“MENA”) region, today listed its shares on the Main Market of the Saudi Exchange following the successful completion of its Initial Public Offering of shares (“IPO or “the Offering”). The Company is now trading under the ticker symbol: MBC Group.

The Offering comprised a primary offering of 33,250,000 new ordinary shares (“Offer Shares”), representing 10% of the Company’s share capital (following the issuance of the Offer Shares and increase of the Company’s share capital). 90% of the Offer Shares were allotted to institutional investors and the remaining 10% to individual investors. MBC’s offering witnessed strong demand from a diverse range of local, regional and international investors with the institutional book-building process generating an order book of SAR 54.5 billion resulting in a subscription coverage of approximately 66x. The final price for the Offering was set at SAR 25 per share, at the top end of the previously announced IPO price range, with the Company successfully raising SAR 831 million (USD 222 million) and with an implied market capitalization of SAR 8.3 billion (USD 2.2 billion) at listing.

Waleed bin Ibrahim Al Ibrahim, Chairman, MBC GROUP, said:
“Today, we celebrate MBC GROUP’s monumental moment of becoming a publicly listed Company trading on one of the top 10 stock exchanges in the world, the Saudi Exchange. We are proud of the significant interest our IPO has garnered from investors both in the Kingdom and in other markets. This is a reflection of the investment community’s conviction in MBC’s brand, the attractiveness of our unique business offering, and our growth potential.
MBC Group is deeply entrenched within the Saudi community and others across the wider Arab world, and we value the trust that our audience and other partners have placed in us over the years. Their loyalty has contributed to our success to date, culminating in this moment. Also, as one of the most influential media and entertainment powerhouses in the Kingdom, we recognize the significant role we play, and will continue to play, to further develop and grow the media and entertainment sector in the Kingdom. We are committed to delivering excellence and to contributing to the Saudi Vision 2030.
On behalf of the Board of Directors, I would like to extend my gratitude to the MBC family that ensured a successful IPO, and to our entire network of stakeholders who have supported us over the years until this very moment. And to our new shareholders, welcome on board, we look forward to unlocking MBC’s greater potential, together.”

Sam Barnett, Chief Executive Officer, MBC GROUP, added:
“Commencing trading on the Saudi Exchange is a landmark and proud moment for MBC. Through this IPO we welcomed new shareholders to the Company and raised the capital needed to take us through our next phase of growth, innovation, and impact.
We have a clear roadmap guiding us through what the next phase of growth looks like, including growing the number of subscribers and viewers on Shahid, increasing advertising sales across our platforms, and expanding operations into exciting and promising sub-sectors including sports, music, gaming, and events.
I would like to thank the MBC team for their unwavering commitment and dedication that brought us to this very proud moment. We remain steadfast in our commitment to unlock sustainable value for our shareholders and subscribers, audience, and other key partners. With thirty years of success leading us to this moment, we look forward to another thirty years of successes.”