Investment proposal Criteria:

We are interested in privately-held startups that meet the following key criteria:

  • • Startups in the TMT space focusing on the MENA region with high growth potential
  • • Strong management team with established track record and the ability to monetize and grow the business
  • • Early stage companies with proven traction in terms of revenues and customers/traffic

If you are seeking funding and believe your investment opportunity fits our criteria, we invite you to submit a proposal.

Please complete the fields in the investment Proposal Questionnaire. You will be asked to upload an investment summary, therefore please have this available in Word or PDF.

Your proposal should address the following as concisely as possible:

  • • Company background and business purpose
  • • Strategy & value proposition
  • • Technology / product / service / project overview and development roadmap
  • • Target market, addressable market, market drivers and growth expectations
  • • Competitors, competitive analysis and competitive advantages
  • • Existing customers, contracts and key partners
  • • Board / Management team overview & bios
  • • Historical & 5 year projected financials
  • • Capitalisation table
  • • Funding requirements and use of proceeds, with funding dates if phased funding required
  • • Exit Scenario

Important note:

We review all submissions, but are only able to proceed with those we believe have the strongest investment potential and best fit with our portfolio focus.

Please note that by submitting a proposal via this website, you agree that the information sent to us is not confidential and we are not restricted in its use.