Who we are:

MBC VENTURES is the venture capital arm of MBC GROUP, launched in 2012, it invests in Telecommunication Media and Technology (TMT) in the Middle East and North Africa.
The fund aims to invest in local startups at the seed stage, with the broader goal of supporting those individuals who can develop the industry in the region, especially as consumption of digital content, online games, and mobile content grows.
"Media is being consumed in different ways these days, and we don't want to miss that boat,". "We want to support media coming out of the region, for the region, and help startups reach scale. We see a lot of entrepreneurs pitching ideas in the media sector who could use help understanding the market. As MBC, it makes sense to offer up our expertise."
MBC Ventures is targeting a few basic categories: Solutions (payment solutions/data analysis), content, e-services, animation and education. "When it comes to content, we're especially looking at people who are developing innovative concepts in the digital space."

Investment strategy

We invest in early stage startups (Series A) for a maximum of $500,000 for about 10-20% equity. We favor startups that have been in the market for few months, have tested their products and can show some traction.