MBC Marketing

One of the newest divisions within MBC Marketing, Merchandising and Licensing leverages MBC’s core strengths as a broadcaster to create successful commercial stories around the content owned and purchased by the group. Building on viewer loyalty, the experienced team concentrate their efforts on producing DVDs from TV content as well as consumer products such as toys, apparel, home furnishings and stationery, tying in with programs from channels such as MBC3. A third area of operation is MBC Publications producing books as well as the MBC lifestyle magazine that includes informative news, features and full MBC program listings. A first of its kind in the regional industry, Merchandising and Licensing operates as a fully independent profit centre within MBC’s Marketing Department.MBC Marketing merchandising and licensing division today’s viewers feel affinity with their favorite programs. MBC Builds on that brand and product loyalty through DVDs, publications and consumer products.
1. The Merchandising and Licensing division acts as a Middle East agent for several major international companies.
2. The Merchandise division offers a wide variety of consumer products to support on air programming.
3. MBC will be strongly represented in the modern retail trade through a network of region-wide distributors.