Voices Of Hope

“MBC Hope” launched ‘Voices Of Hope’ public talks in partnership with “INJAZ Al-Arab”, with the objective of finding sustainable employment opportunities for Arab Youth. The initiative started in Cairo and will further extend to KSA, Lebanon and the UAE, among other Arab countries. Launched in Egypt at the “American University in Cairo”, ‘Voices of Hope’ actively engages young people in collaborative dialogue and public talks around employment opportunities and career choices in the region. The first of a four-part series event attracted representatives from the private sector including: “MBC Group”, “Boeing”, “Marriott International”, “Aramex” and “Wamda”, with more than 350+ students from across the country, to share their success stories, professional journeys, aspirations but, mostly the impact INJAZ has played on their lives. Commenting on the launch of the Public Talks, Mazen Hayek, MBC’s Official Spokesman – Group Director of PR, Commercial & CSR said: “Unemployment is the most prominent challenge facing the Arab world, bringing the number of unemployment- according to a study conducted by the “Union Of Arab Banks” to 22 million of the total workforce from the 120 million workers”.

Hayek further added: “If adequate procedures and measures are not taken immediately, the number of unemployment in our region by 2025 could sky-rocket - God forbids!” Hayek concluded by saying: “Therefore, this challenge requires us all to foster economic growth in order to be able to create millions of new job opportunities each year, focusing on youth and in particular taking into account the following key sectors: ICT, Media, Entertainment and Content. From here stems the importance of ‘Voices Of Hope’, in partnership with “INJAZ Al-Arab” - as a new youth engagement initiative that forms a key component of INJAZ’s year-long “Expand Your Horizon” campaign”. Launched in 2015, “Expand Your Horizon” brings together members of the private sector to address the needs of the next generation of job seekers through education and work-placements. With a focus on growth industries in the MENA region including aviation, through a partnership with “Boeing”; hospitality, through “Marriott International”; entrepreneurship, through Wamda; logistics, through Aramex; and media, through “MBC Hope”. The campaign received over 11,500 internship applications at the end of 2015, 44% of which were received by MBC. In the same context, Akef Aqrabawi, CEO of “INJAZ Al-Arab” added: “Expand Your Horizon continues to grow from strength to strength. We are thrilled that MBC has partnered with us to deliver the ‘Voices of Hope’ Public Talks– thus strengthening our ability to reach Arab youth with a positive employment message. We hope that this will enable young people to truly consider the opportunities available to them in the private sector – especially those who may have not previously considered jobs in growth industries including: hospitality, aviation, logistics, entrepreneurship and media. Media plays a pivotal role in raising awareness amongst different audiences and publics on various issues. We strongly believe that this partnership will help orient youth and enable them to better plan their future, career-wise and otherwise.”
During 2018, the campaign will visit the following cities:
1. Manama
2. Muscat
3. Jeddah and Riyadh
4. Tripoli
5. Ajman
6. Dubai
7. Abu Dhabi
8. Alexandria and Ismalia