Half of Syria’s children are out of school. More than half of Syria’s population lives in poverty. 245,000 people live under siege and another 800,000 people live in areas that are hard to reach. Over 2.8 million Syrian fled Syria and are refugees in the neighboring countries of Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey, Egypt and Iraq.

"HELP FOR SYRIA’S REFUGEES" is a not-for-profit initiative by MBC, under the umbrella of MBC Hope, to encourage donations to WFP, to fund emergency food assistance operations in and around Syria.

Visit the WFP website here to find out ways to support Syrian families this Ramadan

Throughout Ramadan on MBC: 30 humanitarian case studies over 30 days

The World Food Programme currently provides aid to around 6.8 million Syrians in addition to 2.8 million Syrian refugees in neighboring countries.

The 'Syrians without an Address' campaign is the fruit of joint efforts by MBC Hope- the Corporate Social Responsibility division of MBC Group- and the World Food Programme, geared primarily towards providing food aid to millions of suffering Syrians; whether those displaced within Syria or ones taking refuge in neighboring countries.

Furthermore, the campaign aims to highlight the hardships and human suffering faced by Syrians at refugee camps and in migrant communities, as well as demonstrate the vast efforts contributed by the World Food Programme, its ground workers and their Arab counterparts, in their ongoing struggle to deliver food aid to refugees and try to ease their suffering.

Out of this need, throughout the blessed month of Ramadan and across its channels and interactive platforms, MBC plans to screen 30 short documentaries detailing the hardships faced by 30 individual humanitarian cases. 'Syrians without an Address' hopes to facilitate discourse and inspire channels to aid and assist fellow Syrians amongst our generous public.

'Syrians without an Address' is supported by the participation of many Arab celebrities, conscious of playing a positive role with their contributions to society. Through their efforts they strive to expose some of the suffering witnessed by Syrians who have been forced to leave their homes under extreme and extenuating circumstances, to survive in immigrant areas and refugee camps.

It is worth noting that the World Food Program is currently providing aid to around 5.5 million Syrians- including 1.5 million refugees who managed to migrate to neighboring countries- through food aid distributed via electronic-chip cards in addition to other amenities. These cards allow for those in need of aid and those benefitting from it to purchase the food products they need and choose, while at the same time supporting the local economies of the host countries.

Learn more about the World Food Programme and "HELP FOR SYRIA’S REFUGEES"