Your favourite stars are helping refugees. Will you help them too?

UNHCR and MBC Hope continue paving the road of hope to thousands of Syrian refugees.
Stars on Board is taking the audience in the MENA region on a journey across the rich heritage and extraordinary culture of the Middle Eastern people through the love of music, dance and entertainment
At sea with the most renowned and recognized stars in the Middle East, the Stars on Board Cruise is geared this year towards giving a helping hand to Syrian refugees.
This year, Stars On Board and UNHCR are honoured to create an inspiring partnership aimed at raising funds from individuals within the region to emulate their stars and give towards the refugee cause.
Be the star too and join your favourite star in supporting refugees.
The stars are contributing in helping the refugees and in keeping them warm this winter.
Many stars will donate a valuable personal item in the show’s auction and the proceeds will be donated to support Syrian refugees during winter.
UNHCR teams will be working around the clock to help millions of refugees and internally displaced people endure the severe winter across much of the Middle East. Winter makes refugees’ daily lives even harder. Being in a camp is already not a comfortable situation, so if you add to it this extreme weather – strong winds, rain and snow – the situation becomes very bad.
UNHCR needs you and your beloved star to help provide refugees with desperately needed kits to survive and thrive. We need to reach together as many Syrian refugee families as possible with survival winter kits which contain thermal blankets, heating stoves and heating fuel.
Join the stars and be one by giving warmth in the hearts of who were forced to leave their country, home and abandon their dreams.
Pick your favourite star and donate under his/her name and we will add your name under their list.
UNHCR is providing winter kits to refugees; each kit contains 5 warm blankets, 3 thermal blankets, heating stove and fuel supply for 4 months.
You can donate full kit’s amount or you may choose one or more item.