Together, SOS Children’s Villages and calls on you to ensure

No Child Grows Up Alone

As one in ten children are growing up in this world without the loving care of a parent and the support they need, SOS Children’s Villages has launched a worldwide campaign: SOS Children’s Villages has joined hands with MBC Alamal to raise awareness across the Middle East and North Africa of the challenges facing vulnerable children today.

In more than 125 countries and territories worldwide, SOS Children’s Villages supports families in crisis and provides loving families for children who have lost parental care or who are at risk of losing it. By supporting this campaign, you will help us provide thousands of vulnerable children with the care and loving support they need to fulfil their potential.

Every child has the right to grow up in a family that cares for them. We know that by investing in children at an early age, we are giving them the tools that they need to develop into independent adults who can play a positive role in society.

We ask that:

  • Businesses, as powerful entities, invest in building a society where no child is left behind;
  • Parents listen to children, learn about children’s rights, and be aware of how many children do not get the loving care they deserve and need;
  • Every person who is in a position to help – please help. Don’t look away from children who are alone and vulnerable. Join us in taking action to ensure that no child grows up alone.
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