MBC AL AMAL’s “Share your Iftar”, is a Ramadan Campaign aimed to support the World Food Program (WFP) with its two initiatives to promote Zero Hunger: “Share a Meal” and “Healthy Not Hungry”. We invite people to donate in the hope of helping those in need to ultimately promote a healthy world free of hunger. MBC AL AMAL and the WFP are organizing Ramadan Iftars in three main cities¬ ¬¬¬― Dubai, Cairo, and Riyadh ― in honor of special guests and key figures in the region. Each event will include an action space meeting, in which invitees will be divided into working groups with the objective of devising a concise and realistic action plan towards a healthy, hunger-free world. You too, can “Share a Meal” and support this campaign. Download the app now and become the first one to donate to the cause. Banner and promo text: “Share your Iftar” and download the app now to be the first one to donate. Description: “Share your Iftar” is the official page for the MBC AL AMAL campaign sponsored by the WFP. The international food program aims to raise the awareness and support those in need across the region. The main objective of the campaign, under the theme of “Zero Hunger”, are the following two initiatives “Share a Meal” and “Healthy Not Hungry”, with the aim to encourage people to donate and help those in need in order to work toward achieving a healthy world free of hunger.