Tweet to Donate
“Tweet to donate” launches with the onset of The Holy month of Ramadan by MBC GROUP: The "Tweet to Donate" campaign comes under the auspices of "MBC Hope" and fields the concept of monetizing and channeling tweets into real and valuable aid directed towards humanitarian causes.

MBC Group committed to donating one Saudi Riyal for every tweet bearing the campaign's               غرد_بالخير#on Twitter.

The initiative has amassed donations of almost 1 Million Saudi Riyals aimed at reputed charities across the Arab world. The "Tweet to Donate" Initiative stems from the values inherent and observed during the holy month of Ramadan, which revere the merits of sharing, giving and helping those in need. Resonating throughout our initiatives and more than simply a point of departure or belief, MBC Group's mantra "We See Hope Everywhere" has become a way of life. Through "MBC Hope" the Group aims to involve social media platforms to cater to humanitarian ends, transforming tweets to tangible aid.To know more about our latest campaigns and initiatives, please visit: