Protect Their Happiness

Millions of children in the Middle East are seeing horrors no child should see. They are suffering emotional wounds that may never heal. The extreme distress to these children is scarring and affects their development. Worse, it could even increase conditions like depression, substance abuse and heart disease. But it’s not too late to help them. Our work with children for nearly 100 years shows that they are resilient and are often able to recover quickly, if given the right support.

Save the Children has worked in the Middle East for decades. Thanks to supporters like you, we’re doing whatever it takes to ensure children in the Middle East are safe, cared for and learning. We provide much needed lifesaving services, but most importantly we want to ensure that children are mentally healthy. We want to ensure that they do not lose their childhood.

Whether in Egypt, Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon or Iraq, Save the Children offers the innovative Healing and Education through the Arts (HEART) program to help children stay resilient.

HEART is a visionary education program, developed by Save the Children to bring the proven power of artistic expression to children in need, helping them cope with traumatic events and learn the critical skills they need to reach their true potential. HEART changes children’s lives and brings back the hope children need to move forward with their lives.

Your contribution will be used to ensure many more children benefit from HEART. It will give a child the chance to be just that….a child!

Help us bring back the hope today!