Our campaigns focus on our core CSR values: empowering Arab youth, raising awareness on issues and causes that concern our community, and supporting charities in the region.

See below for our latest campaigns:

Ramadan Campaign 2014
MBC Hope’s 2014 Ramadan Campaign, “Syrian’s Without An Address” was a campaign in cooperation with WFP to help displaced Syrians. This campaign was launched with the aim of raising awareness on their current situation and providing food aid to millions Syrian citizens affected and displaced as a result of the Syrian crisis whether in Syria or its neighboring countries. Over the days of the holy month of Ramadan, MBC showcased 30 short film documentaries across our television screens and diverse, interactive platforms addressing 30 humanitarian cases in order to open the doors to those willing to lend a helping hand.

‘Doing Good 2014’
Every year, our ‘Doing Good’ competition reflects our core initiative to empower, strengthen and foster the youth of the Arab world. This yearly competition gives young individuals in the region the opportunity to showcase their positive contributions that impact our community and share their good deeds across the region.
The ‘Doing Good' Competition is a podium where Arab youth participants with creative initiatives and visions can present proposals, theoretical analyses and feasibility studies to their conceived projects, in order to select the winners in each of the four categories: humanitarian causes, social entrepreneurship and startup companies, innovation and creativity, environment and energy.

Ramadan Campaign 2013
“Tweet to donate” launches with the onset of The Holy month of Ramadan by MBC GROUP:The "Tweet to Donate" campaign comes under the auspices of "MBC Hope" and fields the concept of monetizing and channeling tweets into real and valuable aid directed towards humanitarian causes".

As part of MBC Hope, throughout the year we will be running a series of projects within the community aligned with our promise of supporting the environment and promoting sustainability, working with charity organizations, and supporting young Arabs across the UAE.

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