Good Business
  • Beyond our commitment to CSR, MBC champions good business and sustainability practice throughout our company. This includes being environmentally conscious, reducing energy consumption, re-use, recycling of paper and waste materials, and encouraging and supporting staff, suppliers, and our audience to work and live sustainably.
  • We are committed to good corporate governance and business continuity and believe in sustainable procurement, thereby ensuring the process of purchasing goods and/or services by taking into consideration the economic, social and environmental benefits.
  • As part of its commitment to Social Responsibility, MBC Group supports the best professional practices related to “sustained development” within the ranks of the Group. MBC Group encourages staff, partners, and suppliers to uphold the concept of “sustainability” as a way of thinking and in practice.
  • MBC staff gets the chance to work as a team, participate effectively in volunteer programs, and charitable activities in the society. In this way, they represent MBC Hope in three categories:
  • Education: Through participation in workshops and other educational activities in a number of schools and universities
  • Sport: Under the slogan “Sports for a Cause”, a team from MBC staff works on collecting donations for a certain cause in the area
  • Environment: Through taking part in reducing harmful carbon emissions via a series of activities around the year
  • On another note, MBC applies the best “Work Ethics” and “Governing” practices in all its decision-making chains, in a bid to always achieve the best there is for the society in all walks of life; economic, social, human, etc. This code is applied to all processes of purchases/sales of goods/services or media content.

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