Al Arabiya News Channel was launched in 2003 and soon became the source of choice for Arabs seeking credible news and information about the Middle East and the world beyond. The 24/7 free-to-air channel also upholds a reputation for sober and balanced reporting which now extends beyond the natural geographic and cultural domain of the region.
With an extensive global network of correspondents and reporters Al Arabiya News Channel provides its audiences with the latest updates, scoops, interviews and exclusives. And with nearly 30 offices around the world including a large-scale presence in several key countries such as Iraq, Palestine, The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, and Yemen, Al Arabiya enjoys a competitive edge in providing on-the-ground, first-hand coverage of major events of relevance to its audience and the world at large.
Al Arabiya’s charter embodies an independent editorial policy based on providing its viewers with speedy news service and a balanced analysis that is thoughtfully accurate, comprehensive and objective.