MBC GROUP is the largest media company in the Middle East & North Africa region that enriches people’s lives through information, interaction and entertainment. In 2002, nearly a decade after the launch of MBC1 in London, in 1991, MBC GROUP moved its headquarters to Dubai Media City, United Arab Emirates.
Today, MBC GROUP includes over 17 leading TV channels: MBC1 (general family entertainment); MBC2 & MBC MAX (24-hour western movies); MBC3 (children’s edutainment with a mix of both local productions and western acquisitions); MBC4 (entertainment for young families with a female-focus); MBC ACTION (an indigenous adrenaline-packed channel targeting young males with local and homegrown productions); MBC VARIETY (Western films and general entertainment with uninterrupted broadcasting); MBC DRAMA (24/7 Arabic drama) & MBC+ DRAMA (a joint pay-TV channel between MBC and OSN); MBC PERSIA (general family entertainment dubbed and subtitled in Farsi); WANASAH (24-hour Arabic music channel); MBC MASR & MBC MASR2 (general family entertainment geared towards the Egyptian family); MBC BOLLYWOOD (delivering the freshest in Bollywood content geared towards the region via an Arabized interface); MBC USA (on “Dish Network” in the US); MBC IRAQ (a premium channel aimed at the entire Iraqi family), MBC5 (new satellite channel dedicated to the Maghreb); all of them benefit from MBC STUDIOS which produces the region’s most compelling premium content for cinema, television and on-demand platforms. MBC GROUP also includes two FM radio stations: MBC FM (Gulf music) and Panorama FM (contemporary Arabic hit music).
Furthermore, part of MBC GROUP is Shahid and its premium subscription-based service Shahid VIP, the world’s leading Arabic streaming platform, home to highly rated original productions from the Arab world, a wide range of exclusive movies and premieres, as well as the top watched live Arab TV channels.


MBC 1 was launched in 1991 as the first independent Pan Arab channel. As the first free-to-air private satellite channel, MBC1 quickly became trusted and respected go-to resource for all Arabs worldwide thanks to its fresh and contemporary entertainment programming. Today, the channel continues to be number one for family entertainment in the region. With a strong commitment to local programming, MBC1 hosts the top news service in the region as well as soap operas and hit reality TV shows. Of those shows, Arab Idol, in its third season, maintains one of the highest rated shows and continues to garner massive media attention around the world. Other prime time productions on MBC1 include Kalam Nawaem (weekly women’s talk show), Sada Al Malaeb (daily sports show), Green Apple (health show), Style (fashion show) and Al Thamina (a news show that tackles sensitive topics in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia ).


MBC MASR launched on November 9th, 2012. The channel provides Egyptian viewers with refined entrainment, which targets their diverse concerns and tastes through a careful selection of programs, dramas, series, movies and documentaries.


Following the success of MBC MASR- rated at first position within the Egyptian market- after its official launch by two years, MBC GROUP launched MBC MASR 2 in October 2014, in a bid to provide the Egyptian audience with superior quality entertainment. The new channel airs a rich variety of sports and entertainment shows, in addition to live coverage of some of the Egyptian league's football matches. The matches include commentary and analysis while hosting famous football experts.


MBC DRAMA was officially launched on November 27, 2010 as a family entertainment channel dedicated to Arabic drama series 24/7.
The launch coincided with MBC GROUP’s 20th anniversary and marked the Group’s 10th channel launch. The channel proved to be a testament to the Group’s success in producing local productions; dramas in particular. MBC DRAMA has also been a catalyst in creating opportunities for local directors and producers to display their work and talent to millions of viewers. These locally produced shows run alongside a variety of top-rated Egyptian and Syrian series. MBC DRAMA is distinguished by two additional repeats throughout the day, which offers its viewers the choice of time.


MBC4 launched in 2005 and is the Arab world’s first channel exclusively geared towards young Arab families with women’s interests at its core. MBC4 prides itself on producing local flagship shows, namely Arabs Got Talent – which is based on the international franchise – as well as Your Face Sounds Familiar. The channel also broadcasts the latest top-rated Western entertainment shows.
Moreover, MBC4 focuses on acquiring international dramas, which are dubbed into Arabic, in addition to Korean content (also dubbed into Arabic).


MBC2 was launched on 12th January 2003, however, back then it was not purely a movie channel. It’s programming included: Local News in English, American Drama Series, Oprah and a music show presented by Razan Al-Mougrabi called Tops and Pops. But it was movies, which touched a nerve with our viewers, and hit rating highs, at a level that nobody could have predicted. So it was in 2005 MBC2 transformed into the world’s first 24-hour free-to-air movie channel and shouted this message loudly from the rooftops with campaign messages such as non-stop movies, non-stop emotions, and the long running strap-line “Feel it”. Long Term movie deals with all the major Hollywood studios followed and Global hits such as Titanic and Gladiator proved equally successful with audiences across the Middle East and North Africa. Proof that no content crosses borders better than movies was underlined when MBC2 became the most viewed Pan Arab channel. The Channel offers Themed night on a daily base. Such as: The Early Movie — Airing every day; Monday Night Premieres; Comedy Night —Every Saturday; In addition to Horror themed nights, and a daily Entertainment show. MBC 2 is, also airing a new type of filler called “Me and the Cinema”. The segment showcase award-winning Arab Actors and Directors talking about Hollywood’s influence on them.
In 2011 MBC2 brought local production back to the channel by commissioning Scoop with Raya in which our globe-trotting presenter meets the stars. On April 1st, 2012 - MBC2 launched an all-new and extended version of “Scoop with Raya”, presented by Raya Abirached.
Raya enabled our viewers with access to all the top movie stars and kept them up-to-date with all the latest Hollywood news and gossip. Aligned with MBC2 positioning as the “THE FIRST AND #1 FREE-TO-AIR NON-STOP CHANNEL IN MIDDLE EAST & NORTH AFRICA”, this show extends Hollywood news from a truly Arabic perspective. The show becomes Hollywood’s preferred platform for delivering movie news to audiences around the Arab world. Raya, needless to mention, raises the bar with her own brand of glamour.


MBC MAX was launched in 2008 as MBC GROUP’s second 24-hour movie channel, which caters to a younger audience. The channel delivers a family viewing experience and airs Western comedy, action, drama and romantic movies.


MBC Bollywood was launched, with great fanfare, on the 26th of October 2013 by Bollywood Superstar “Kareena Kapoor”. A unique launch idea revealed the MBC Bollywood Logo via a grand Bollywood style live performance by Superstar “Kareena Kapoor” on the platform of ‘Arabs Got Talent’.
The channel delivers a fresh approach to Bollywood by offering the region a combination of the newest Bollywood content along with culturally relevant daily drama series and premium celebrity magazine shows from the Indian subcontinent. The content has also been made relevant to the region via an Arabized interface, which is mostly dubbed into Syrian.
Both entertainment seekers and drama lovers tune in to our unique new wave of Bollywood content that offers a high dose of cultural and social relevance. Moreover, movies and series have all been cherry-picked for originality, significance and relevance to our Arab audiences. By doing this, the channel was able to not only attract the Bollywood Films fan base, but to a much wider
MBC Bollywood also offers themed nights including Premiere Movie Night (first-run Bollywood movies on Arab TV), Star of the Month (showcasing Bollywood’s biggest icons), New Age Bollywood (movies that break the cliché Bollywood formula), Bollywood Action Nights (thrilling Bollywood experiences) and Romance Nights (soulful music meets serene settings).


MBC Action launched in 2007 with the latest action packed movies, dramas and thrillers targeting young Arab males. The new addition proved to be an instant success. Since then, it has been growing aggressively and even more so since it started developing localized content that appeals to the passions of Arab men.
The show to come out this initiative is “Driven”, launched on 23 November 2010. Ever since then, MBC Action has successfully introduced a new production every year. The show is a weekly, cutting-edge, credible magazine format, car show that satisfies the insatiable appetite of diehard car enthusiasts. It holds an editorially strong package geared predominantly towards the ever-growing Saudi male youth, who are fully engaged in the car-pimping culture.
“Action Ya Dory”, was launched in 13 December 2011; a highly successful and popular live football show, which airs seven times a week and is hosted by Saudi presenter Waleed Al Farraj. The show is built around highlights from the Saudi League and features a tabloid review of the happenings in the Saudi football world. Waleed Al-Farraj, is one of the most influential sports anchors, who is highly regarded by Saudis for his bold and open approach. Walid enjoys massive social media equity with more than 2M twitter followers.
MBC Action followed with “Desert Force” — the first Arab Mixed Martial Arts Grand Prix, which launched in September 19 2012. Desert Force “Al Academiya” was launched in Nov 4th 2013, targeting Arab MMA fighters.
On top of a very dynamic and exciting TV offering, MBC Action introduced the first of its kind youth event in Saudi Arabia, “Actionha Fel Riyadh” in 2010. Following that success, the lifestyle male website was launched by end of 2010. To complement this cross platform success, MBC ACTION has built a massive social media following across the region and now has more than 2.7M twitter followers and above 7.1M Facebook fans.
The channel is also considered, the only Arab male entertainment destination in the region; delivering a focused and dynamic 360 experience, which extends out of TV, into on-ground, online and social media.


MBC3 was launched in 2004 and is the kid’s entertainment channel. It delivers a programming mix of children's education and entertainment that connects with, and stimulates, the imagination of Arab kids aged between 3 to 13 years. It also creates quality-viewing time for parents. During the span of the past ten-year, MBC3 proved to be the No. 1 Arabic kids Channel.
The channel focuses on local productions in Arabic, including edutainment, games and reality shows, while also continuing its various long-standing international studio deals and partnerships. Some of the main primetime productions of the channel include Eish Safari (children’s adventure program), Tasali Ahla Alam (live game show hosted by MBC3 presenters), Banat Wa Bass (young girls’ talk show) and Eish Tabkheen ya Dania (kids’ cooking show). The latest addition to the schedule is Al Tajroba which is presented by Dania Al Shafe’i and focuses on scientific experiments for kids, as well as Gentle Steps- a segment about motherhood that airs simultaneously on MBC1 once a week.
Finally, MBC3 has a long-standing deal with Nickelodeon to air their kid’s shows and programs, which in return are dubbed into Arabic. MBC 3 started airing Nick shows including Victorious, iCarly and Drake & Josh.
In addition to, The Nicktoons, programs including: T.U.F.F. Puppy, Fairly Odd Parents and Spongebob Squarepants. And for the younger audiences, The Nick Jr., shows including: Dora The Explorer, Go Diego Go and Blue's Room.


MBC FM Radio, a leading radio station in the region, was launched in 1994. It was the first private radio station in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia . MBC FM shaped the concept of radio listening in the entire Kingdom, and it continues to succeed in providing the best Gulf music, poetry and entertainment. MBC FM forms an integral part of the lifestyle, culture and composition of the Saudi and Gulf communities.
Thanks to the distinctive Gulf flavor of its integrated package of programs, MBC FM Radio provides a rich heritage that enriches the life of generations in the Saudi society.
MBC FM is currently the No. 1 radio station in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with 28% of the total radio market share, while the closest competitor is less than half of its share.


Panorama FM was launched in 2004; The Station continues to maintain its position as the nation’s primary modern Radio Station for Saudis & Arab youth and holds it’s a position as a pioneer in Pan Arab music, talk shows and programs
Since its launched in 2004, Panorama FM has evolved from a radio station broadcasting traditional classical music, news and talk shows with coverage in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and the city of Baghdad, to growing, developing and keeping pace with the changing tastes of modern Arab youth.
Now, with a new identity that provides contemporary Pan Arab and Khaleeji music, the Station has become characterized by a trademark that is more focused on the youth market in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, through offering the best at all in an attempt to disseminate the entertainment experience on the radio stations.
It’s currently the number 2 radio station in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia after MBC FM with 11.1% of the total market share while the closest competitor has 8%


Under the slogan "a new home for Saudi football ", and in parallel with the launch of the Saudi Super Cup 2014, MBC GROUP launched a network of channels, namely MBC PRO SPORTS, on August 7th 2014.
MBC PRO SPORTS channels are specialized in broadcasting the Saudi Premier League, throughout the seasons, with approximately 240 games per season, while delivering superior HD quality, impeccable production quality and high standards in broadcast transmission.
The network aims to contribute to the advancement of Saudi football, and provide extensive and complete coverage for all Football fans through the work of a group of reporters, media analysts, and commentators, in addition to contributing to the development of the clubs and consolidate their positions while improving the game.
MBC PRO SPORTS channels will broadcast all major games and Saudi tournaments, including games played during the same time slot. To keep pace with the matches, the channels will present its viewers with a bouquet of programs comprising of analytical panels and talk shows with select media and sports personalities. Furthermore, there will be extensive coverage of the matches, accompanied with special programming before and after the games.

MBC PRO SPORTS channels will give its viewers the chance to choose between “HD” format, and the regular “SD” format.


Wanasah was launched in 2007 and is a 24-hour music channel that targets the Arab youth, mainly in the Gulf region. The channel offers a fresh selection of music videos, concerts, music and lifestyle programs as well as series. It’s also well known for hosting Jalsat Wanasah- a mega annual production between Wanasah and MBC1 that hosts Arab stars and singers.


MBC Variety HD launched in 2013. The General Entertainment channel broadcasts an exciting mix of western premium TV series, talk shows, soaps and movies. It also offers viewers an uninterrupted viewing experience thanks to the ‘no commercials’ exclusion. Another feature of MBC Variety is the option to watch the dubbed shows in English with Arabic sub-titles.
MBC Variety marked the ninth HD channel to be added to the MBC GROUP portfolio.


MBC.net is one of the leading Arabic entertainment web portals in the region. With an attractive mix of sports, entertainment, movies and music content, along with its user interactivity and social networking features, MBC.net is a unique experience. The website provides its visitors with the ability to tune into MBC FM and Panorama FM through live streaming.


Shahid.net was re-launched in July 2011, as the first free video-on-demand and leading TV catch-up service in the MENA region. The website serves to engage its users with MBC’s most exclusive content and broadcasts through the aggregation of different TV programs. Shahid.net’s users also have access to the archives of previous episodes and they can enjoy independence from broadcasting hours allowing them to watch TV content wherever and whenever.
Shahid.net boasts the biggest TV content library in the region because it’s not limited to a specific content mix or channel. Rather, the website hosts content from the majority of MBC on-air programs in addition to other networks.


Platinum Records, a record label company which operates under the umbrella of MBC GROUP, was launched in 2007. The company’s slogan ‘Creating Stars’ represents the objective of targeting new and upcoming talents from across the region, in addition to developing, promoting and managing their rights.
Platinum Records is a full-service entertainment company, inclusive of artist, producer and talent management; music publishing; branded content digital platform; touring & merchandising; film & television; new business ventures; and a music label.
It is home to a diverse roster comprised of critically acclaimed recording artists and music producers. Platinum Records represents talent from all the major TV formats: Arab Idol, The Voice Arabia, Arabs Got Talent and Coke Studio including: Mohammed Assaf, Hala Turk, Dounia Batma, Carmen Sleiman and many others.


MBC+ POWER is an entertainment channel for Africa offering exclusive WWE shows, express from the U.S., and much more Tuff-Guy TV. It is the start of a new Pay TV bouquet for Sub-Saharan Africa offering premium content at an affordable price

MBC Iraq

Expected to officially launch on 17 February 2019, MBC Iraq is a premium entertainment television channel, broadcasting a diverse selection of content suitable for the entire Iraqi family, consisting of Iraqi and regional productions. Notable programmes include the social comedy show, ‘Koma D’; the music programme ‘Sahraya’ with Iraqi singing star Hatem Al-Iraqi; the cultural show ‘Al-Nahr Al-Thalath’ with Alaa Al-Hussein; ‘Al-Laylah Wayah Da’adoush’ talk show; and the lifestyle programme ‘Bait Beauty’.