• Publication date: September 14, 2014

Hard Luck

The story of lucky, a freshly released criminal and drug dealer, trying to go straight, on a wild violent misadventure.

  • Publication date: September 14, 2014

Hard Luck

Program data

Duration: 120

Production Year: 2006

MBC 2:

September 14, 2014 17:00 (KSA) ~ September 14, 2014 16:00 (CLT)

Written, produced, directed and co-starred by Mario Van Peebles, reuniting him Wesley snipes. The story follows Lucky (Wesley Snipes) freshly released from prison, following a stint due to his involvement in crime and drug trafficking. Once out he is trying to go straight. But trouble found him. The film runs two converging stories, the other one involving a mother with a dark secret, and a fatal penchant for revenge. The two stories will clash at a certain point.

An explosive criminal thriller, reminiscent of the best crime films, which were made in the late 70’s; Filled with gritty atmosphere, and sinister character. Wesley snipes, is here at the top of his craft!




  • Wesley Snipes as Lucky
  • Jacquelyn Quinones as Angela
  • Cybill Shepherd as Cass
  •  James Liao as Chang
  • Aubrey Dollar as Rain
  • Kevin Thoms as Roland
  • Adrian Washington as Lucky
  • Noah Fleiss as Sol Rosenbaum
  • Bill Cobbs as Cobb
  • Kevin Chapman as Franklin
  • Tom Kemp as Gino Gambetta
  • Mike Messier as Eugene
  • Mario Van Peebles as Captain Davis
  • Tony Hua as Detective Lee
  • Luis Guzmán as Million Dollar Mendez
  • Melvin Van Peebles as Hospital Prophet


Directed by: Mario Van Peebles

Rating: R