• Publication date: April 14, 2014

Your Face Sounds Familiar

MBC4 Proudly presents, Season 1 of the highly anticipated Arabic version of the international hit Show, “Your Face Sounds Familiar”

  • Publication date: April 14, 2014

Your Face Sounds Familiar

Program data

Duration: 120

Mbc Masr Usa:

Saturday, 00:00 (GMT) ~ 03:00 (KSA)

Mbc Masr 2:

Saturday, 18:00 (GMT) ~ 21:00 (KSA)

Mbc Masr:

Friday, 19:00 (GMT) ~ 22:00 (KSA)

MBC 4 proudly present the first season of the Arabic version of the international hit reality TV show, Your Face Sounds Familiar. Which adopt the exact same concept, with Arabic celebrities panels and Hosted by the illustrious TV presenter Tony Abou Jawdeh.

The concept is simple; each episode 8 talented rising performers will compete against each other’s in front of the judges and the audience. At the beginning of each episode, each performer will be handed a random celebrity to impersonate, as selected by the “Randomizer”. The contestant will go through complete makeovers to inhabit the personality they are playing. Which varies from contemporary artist, deceased artists, or even an artist from the opposite sex. However, during the first 8 weeks, only the judges will be allowed to score the contestant, and at the end of each episode a performer will be awarded a cash prize of $5000 dollars, for the charity they are playing for.

From the 9th week and onward, the audience will be participating in the voting process, until a grand Winner is declared, which will earn their respective charities the grand prize of $50,000 Dollars. The show is comprised of three Live segments: The Qualifying (Playoffs), Semi-Finals, and the Final.




  • Tony Abou Jawdeh as The Host

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Rating:  NR