• Publication date: August 27, 2012


Farida takes on a wedding photography job at a hotel, where her friend works at the drinks' lounge. While waiting for her friend to finish, Farida witnesses an assassin storm into the lounge killing everyone present, including her friend. Which dangerous and powerful persons will Farida unknowingly cross in her attempts to expose this crime?

  • Publication date: August 27, 2012


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Duration: 60

MBC Drama:

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Dealing mainly with the different facets of corruption in the lives of Egyptians in the Mubarak-era, Vertigo is a welcome crime-political thriller with solid writing and well constructed characters hitting screens in Ramadan 2012. Vertigo is based on a novel by Hosni Mubarak's personal photographer, Ahmed Mourad.

Hend Sabry plays Farida, a 29 year old photographer, who has taken over her father's photography business after he passed away in an attempt to make ends meet in these difficult conditions under Mubarak's rule.

Farida is nostalgic for the days of monarchy, like her father who named his 2 daughters Farida and Fawziya after King Farouq's wife and daughter, and her grandfather who photographed the royal family before Nasser overthrew the king in the 1952 coup d'etat. She sees the new elite as lacking class, taste, morals and manners, and dubs them 'kings of our era' in a sarcastic overtone to how far things have descended in Mubarak's time, and how stark the difference is between Egypt's original monarchs and between these newly-moneyed, self-proclaimed 'elites of society'.

Thus after accepting a freelance assignment to photographing a belly dancer called Sally at one of the weddings catering to Cairo's 'elite', Farida tries to meet her friend who works at the drinks lounge in the same hotel. While she is waiting for her friend an assassin walks into the lounge unloading on everyone present killing everyone even Farida's friend. Farida takes photos of the crime as she is the only witness to what happened.

Which dangerous and powerful characters are behind this multiple homicide? Who are the 'elite' who will try to hunt down Farida and bury her along with any evidence from that night?


  • Hend Sabry as Farida