• Publication date: October 8, 2012

Two and a Half Men - Season 6

Charlie is still doing what he can do best- picking up women and being a bad role model, while brother Alan struggles with his ex-wife and his kid. Yet during season 6 it seems that Charlie may have finally found his match while Jake may finally have a sibling...

Charlie’s freewheeling lifestyle is hindered when his brother Alan gets a divorce and has to move into his Malibu beachfront house with him. Alan’s Son Jake is growing up fast and is highly influenced by his uncle’s playboy aura, which is high problematic to Jake’s mom, Judith, and Alan can’t seem to do anything about it.

In season 6: Charlie and Alan continue with their whacky ways, as Jake starts dating the neighbor's daughter. Alan and Judith hook up for one night when she kicks her husband Herb out. And Charlie tries to be deeper, on both a lifestyle level; with one of his old partners-in-crime dies on him, and on a relationship level; when he meets a woman that he may actually be in love with...


  • Charlie Sheen
  • Jon Cryer
  • Angus T. Jones

Created by: Chuck Lorre