• Publication date: August 23, 2012

The Defenders

In ever-flashy Las Vegas, Pete Kaczmarek (Jerry O'Connell) and Nick Morelli (Jim Belushi) play two defense attorneys who would do anything to please their clients in this all-new legal comedy-drama

  • Publication date: August 23, 2012

The Defenders

Program data

Duration: 60

MBC 4 :

Tuesday, 15:00 (GMT) ~ 18:00 (KSA)

Saturday, 15:00 (GMT) ~ 18:00 (KSA)

Monday, 15:00 (GMT) ~ 18:00 (KSA)

Wednesday, 15:00 (GMT) ~ 18:00 (KSA)

Sunday, 15:00 (GMT) ~ 18:00 (KSA)

Sporting the biggest, flashiest billboard over the Las Vegas Strip, Pete Kaczmarek (Jerry O'Connell)and Nick Morelli (Jim Belushi) are the hot-shot lawyers in Sin City.

Pete likes fast cars and women, while Nick is caught up in a cycle of excessive drinking over his ex-wife. Both attorneys would do anything to get their clients off the hook with rarely an irk over bending or breaking the game rules. And once you give them a chance you'll see that beneath all the party-boy facades and Nick's trying to drown himself in alcohol, the pair are actually pretty good lawyers, who will pull off little miracles to keep their clients from going to jail over crimes they did not commit.

Completing this dynamic duo's legal team is Lisa Tyler, a young lawyer who managed to pay for her Law education by performing on the strip as an exotic dancer.

The Defenders is based on the lives of real-life Las Vegas lawyers, Michael Cristalli and Marc Saggese. And with the show's sharp writing and legal twists from two adorable, believable characters, we are sure that you will find these two lawyers-with-a-heart just as lovable as we did.


  • Jerry O'Connell as Pete Kaczmarek
  • James Belushi as Nick Morelli
  • Jurnee Smollett-Bell as Lisa Tyler

Created by: Kevin Kennedy and Niels Mueller