• Publication date: January 12, 2012

Is There Life After Marriage? NES'AA HA'ERAT: Desperate Housewives, Turkish Style

Five housewives struggle to find meaning and happiness in their lives after parenthood, marriage, and divorce leaves them unfulfilled

  • Publication date: January 12, 2012

Is There Life After Marriage? NES'AA HA'ERAT: Desperate Housewives, Turkish Style

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Duration: 60

MBC Drama:

Tuesday, 16:00 (GMT) ~ 19:00 (KSA)

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Sunday, 02:00 (GMT) ~ 05:00 (KSA)

The American series Desperate Housewives has become a worldwide phenomenon, spawning multiple international interpretations.  Umutsuz Ev Kadınları is its Turkish iteration, and it has been sweeping its home country by storm.  It is not so much a duplicate of the American show, but a Turkish soap opera inspired by some elements of its bigger brother, and all audiences regardless of their background will inevitably become hooked on each episode's scandalous drama.

Umutsuz Ev Kadınları follows five thirty-something women who, despite living an outwardly picturesque life, are dissatisfied with their existence.  Their exciting honeymoons were over long ago, and the truly monotonous reality of married life piques their interest in the forbidden.  The women wonder if there is more to life than sewing, cooking, and cleaning.  Are they doomed to boredom for the rest of their lives?

In the premiere episode one woman's suicide seems to prompt other neighborhood women to break out of their shells.  The women can sympathize with her death, and in an indirect way begin to follow their passions rather than wallow in misery.  Zeliş (Evrim Solmaz) is one example, who correctly suspects that her husband, Kudret (Cenk Ertan) is having an affair.  In response, she seduces her college-aged computer tutor with little remorse.  Meanwhile, she continues to rely on her husband for financial support, and he frequently buys her contentment with random gifts.

Nermin (Bennu Yıldırımlar) has a faithful husband, but her family is growing tired of her psychological problems.  She is obsessed with cleaning, and to some extent realizes that her behavior is abnormal; unfortunately, Nermin's husband, Behçet (Erdal Bilingen) does not understand that she is mentally ill, and he is contemplating divorce.  The thought of being abandoned, rather than helped by her family eventually results in a nervous breakdown.

Elif (Ceyda Düvenci) was a successful businesswoman until she gave birth to four sons.  The children run wild wherever they go, and are beyond Elif's control.  No amount of discipline seems to change her children's behavior, and they challenge her authority whenever possible -- especially when doing so causes Elif great embarrassment.

Yasemin (Songül Öden) is another key character, a divorcee with a teenage daughter.  The mother and daughter's relationship is more sisterly than parental, and both are obsessed with their new cute next door neighbor, Sinan (Serhat Tutumluer).  Together they concoct ways to invite him to their home, or enter his.  At one point they break their own oven just so Sinan will come to fix it for them, though he eventually figures out their scheme.


  • Bennu Yıldırımlar
  • Songül Öden
  • Evrim Solmaz
  • Ceyda Düvenci
  • Özge Özder
  • Serhat Tutumluer

Created By: Med Yapım

Rating: N/A