• Publication date: July 26, 2009

Material Girls

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Two wealthy sisters, both heiresses to their family's cosmetics fortune, are given a wake-up call when a scandal and ensuing investigation strip them of their wealth.

  • Publication date: July 26, 2009

Material Girls

Program data

Duration: 120

Production Year: 2006

MBC 4 :

June 14, 2012 19:00 (KSA) ~ June 14, 2012 18:00 (CLT)

Ava andTanzieMarchetta are rich, spoiled sisters. Their late father founded a cosmetics empire, allowing them to live the LA high life.

Ava, the shallow older sister, is newly engaged to a B-list television star, and Tanzie is busy applying for college so she can also create skin products.

Since their father's death, his best friend, Tom Katzenback, has run the company but he soon tells them the company is going bankrupt and the girls find themselves destitute.

As the credit cards are cut and they have no place to go, the girls get a dose of reality with real jobs and life without housekeepers and chefs.

Rating:PG for language and rude humor


  • Haylie Duff
  • Hilary Duff
  • Anjelica Huston
  • Lukas Haas
  • Brent Spiner
  • Maria Conchita Alonso

Directed by: Martha Coolidge