• Publication date: May 22, 2012


Luna goes back to her beautiful Lebanese village after she has been away for 20 years, which she spent in Barcelona after her mother Esperanza and her father Pedro died.

  • Publication date: May 22, 2012


Program data

Duration: 60

MBC Drama:

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Her father the doctor took her with him when was a child in 1943 after the independence of Lebanon.

He used to treat the patients of the this far village and he did not have any children of his own and he loved Kamar the six-year-old-child and he bought her from her poor father who was responsible for six children and an ill wife.

Kamar is back from Barcelona as a beautiful young lady known as “Luna” with her great smile she is now a high class Flamingo dancer. But she is now back to get revenge from her biological parents because they abandoned her so easily and let her be taken away from her environment, her life and her siblings, the life that she was longing for while she was in Barcelona.

Disguised Luna is back as a rich strong liberated woman, after inheriting all of Pedro’s money after he died. Luna buys a beautiful house in the village and decides to help all the vital institutions. Additionally her beauty has all the men and young boys of the village mesmerized.

Her presence causes controversy; with some seeing her presence as necessary and others as troublesome.

She started working her way back into her former family and she starts taking revenge from her father in a very harsh way while she was defending her sister and her brother and their children who are victims that happened to born into this wretched family who has to obey the orders of this dictator.

Soon she meets a handsome young man who is the son of the head of municipality; the young man decides to challenge everybody and to stand by this young beautiful woman who charmed him with her beauty, softness and magical looks.

Luna loves the young man but they have complicated problems and she decides to take revenge of his father the head of municipality who approved one day the sale of Kamar to that strange doctor in return for some financial help.

Luna’s presence causes a big storm and disrupts the serenity of the village. Men started fighting with their wives and nobody was aware of Luna’s real identity. Only her grandmother knows who she really is.

Luna stays in her grandmother’s small house and when things get tough she cries to her grandmother, who agrees to keep her secret, and helps her try to get rid of the hatred that has controlled her life for all these years.

A love story that is disturbed by the desire to for revenge to compensate for the years that went by in Barcelona, despite the good treatment and love from Pedro and his wife.

How is the story going to end and how will Luna’s family react when they discover her real identity?