• Publication date: April 7, 2014


A highly anticipated Turkish TV-Series; an epic story of doomed love, family ties and personal discovery, spanning many years…

  • Publication date: April 7, 2014


Program data

Duration: 60

MBC 1:

Tuesday, 13:00 (GMT) ~ 16:00 (KSA)

Monday, 13:00 (GMT) ~ 16:00 (KSA)

Thursday, 13:00 (GMT) ~ 16:00 (KSA)

Wednesday, 13:00 (GMT) ~ 16:00 (KSA)

Sunday, 13:00 (GMT) ~ 16:00 (KSA)

Laila is a highly anticipated Turkish TV-Series, an epic love tale to captivate your hearts. The storyline revolves around a handsome young man, Gilnar, from an upper rich class family who has fallen deeply and madly in love with Laila the daughter of a very poor family, whose having a feud with his own family. Needless to say that everyone in his family opposed this Union, but Gilnar defies his family’s wishes and goes on with his plans, and marries Laila.


However his happiness was cut short, when Laila dies in a horrible Car crash. Following this news Gilnar, loses his mind literally and tries to commit suicide, but is saved by Laila’s sister Nassim, who is slowly developing feelings towards Gilner. However a one sided love, as Gilnar doesn’t share her feelings. Shortly the situation gets even more complicated by the unplanned pregnancy of Nassim, and the arrival of a new woman in Gilnar’s life, A woman that bares a striking resemblance to the dead Laila.


A gripping human drama, of doomed love, family, grief and redemption; Follow the tragic destinies Gilnar as he tries to forget the past and move on. And discover how Nassim’s destiny will play out.





  • Toljhan Sayshman as Gilnar
  • Serenay Sarikaya
  • Selene Swidar

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Rating:  TV MA