• Publication date: October 14, 2012

Grey’s Anatomy - Season 8

The beloved doctors and interns from Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital are back. Season 8 promises life-changing events and twists and turns galore; with one of the main characters passing away in the finale and another leaving the show-each episode is definitely going to leave you wanting more.

This extremely well-written and popular medical drama follows the personal and professional lives of 5 interns and their supervisors, with the titular character of Meredith Grey at center-stage as well as her relationship with her husband 'McDreamy' (Dempsey) and her best friend Cristina (Sandra Oh).

Grey's Anatomy focuses on the nerve-wrecking lifestyle a doctor has to endure in order to make it in the world of medical professionals. The show guarantees its viewers a spectrum of plots and subplots being uncovered and untangled with every scene; involving everything from high-tension ER and operating room medical cases and situations, to all kinds of relationships; friendship to camaraderie, to workplace politics, to outright passionate love and the many questions that come with it- sprinkled with lots of drama and an extra side order of witty situation-comedy and one-liners.

In Season 8:

The interns are almost done with their residency at Seattle Grace and are at odds to decide on whether they’ll be staying at the hospital that has taught them so much, or whether some of them will begin their professional careers at some other hospital.

Season 8 plays like a high-octane run from beginning to the season finale, where the doctors are involved in a plane crash which takes the life of one of them...



  •          Ellen Pompeo
  •          Sandra Oh
  •          Justin Chambers
  •          Chandra Wilson
  •          Sara Ramirez
  •          Eric Dane
  •          Chyler Leigh
  •          Jesse Williams
  •          Patrick Dempsey

Created by:  Shonda Rhimes