• Publication date: June 2, 2012

Drop Dead Diva

A vapid aspiring model killed in a car crash gets brought back to life as an intelligent, overweight lawyer, hoping to find the meaning of inner beauty.

The series revolves around vapid blonde and aspiring model, Deborah, who is killed in a car crash.

As her soul enters the gates of Heaven, she finds herself declared a "zero-zero" meaning she has performed zero good deeds and zero bad deeds during her time on earth; she is simply shallow.

Deb asks to be sent back to Earth and gets her wish but is brought back to life in the body of a recently deceased, brilliant, hardworking, overweight lawyer named Jane.

Initially horrified, Deb – in her new human form – discovers the meaning of inner beauty as she finds the ability to juggle legal cases and her new body.


  • Jackson Hurst
  • Kate Levering
  • April Bowlby
  • Josh Stamberg
  • Brooke Elliott

Directed by: Josh Berman