• Publication date: April 2, 2012

Arabs Got Talent. season 2

Arab talent from across the region are looking to build new dreams in the second season of Arabs Got Talent.

The season kicks off with a new format and a new distinguished panel of judges that includes Ali Jaber, NajwaKaram and Nasser Al Kassabi.

Arabs Got Talent airs on MBC4 as Arab talents from different fields showcase new capabilities and new creativity as the competition gets heated among the cheers of millions and hopes of the participants.

There are a lot of exclamation marks and question marks as who is going to achieve the title for 2012? What kind of talents are there hidden for us to see as we watch the participants? Are we going to see AmerKatamesh this season to follow up like drawing in the sand? Or are we going to witness the magical fingers create a work of art at high speed? Or the dancing groups whom are going to get the majority of cheers and votes?

On the other hand how are the judges going to evaluate the thousands of talents presented from various ages starting with children, young people and older generations; they are all together because of their talents and their dreams that motivated them to compete.

The judging committee of Arabs Got Talents in its second edition includes Artist NajwaKaram, academic and media personality Ali Jaber and Artist Nasser Al Kassabi who replaced AmerAdeeb.