• Publication date: May 22, 2012

04 Season 2

04 in its second season on MBC4 is a mix between the modern interactive drama and the details of the real life of four young men who live in the same house in Dubai.

  • Publication date: May 22, 2012

04 Season 2

04 will start its new season on MBC4 from Saturday May 18th at 22:00 KSA time – 19:00 GMT

The first season achieved very high rating and this is the second season focusing on the young people with its new format of the modern drama in the Arab world.

This new kind of drama allows the viewers and surfers to affect the process of the work and to communicate with the four main characters in the soap: Lebanese Ziyad, Hassan – the Egyptian who is an introvert, Wissam the Jordanian who is a creative sports man and Abdul Aziz the Kuwaiti who loves excitement and motivation.

Communicating with them will be through multimedia and the internet in addition to the social network websites.

The adventures of the four young men will continue during the second season and we will see their life and daily adventures in their own environment at work and outside work with all the challenges and difficulties that might hinder their enthusiasm towards achieving their dreams and fulfilling themselves.

The drama will shed a light at the modern concepts adopted by the young men both positive and negative while they are living the events on a daily basis.

It is worth mentioning that the first season achieved a high rating and a lot of interaction with the young viewers and surfers and users of the social network sites.

That way the four main characters build friendships with a large number of followers and then to add them as fans on twitter and facebook; so the drama melts into reality in this new experience in Arab drama.

“04” is a production that is produced by “03 Productions Company” part of MBC group and BPG group that is participating as a marketing, creativity and digital activities consultant