• Publication date: May 10, 2010

You Got Served You Got Served

You Got Served set the standard for the dance battle genre of movies ...

You Got Served set the standard for the dance battle genre of movies and centers around David and Elgin, who are two Los Angeles street kids aspiring to become acclaimed dancers. To finance their entry into different contests, they work for neighborhood drug dealer Emerald and borrow money from Elgin’s grandmother. The crew reigns supreme at Mr. Rad’s warehouse / dance club until two wannabe white kids challenge them from Orange County: Wade and Max. When a member of the Los Angeles crew joins Wade and Max, he provides them with the other team’s secret moves. At Mr. Rad’s battle Max and Wade combine their own moves with those stolen from David and Elgin, defeating the reigning crew in a landslide victory. After David and Elgin’s crushing loss they attempt to reorganize to regain their street cred. Things turn sour along the way though as David falls in love with Elgin’s sister, indirectly botching a drug run commanded by thug Emerald. Attempts are made to form new crews but they fall apart as one team’s member is murdered in a drive-by shooting. The Los Angeles natives must now cooperate with one another to regain their hood’s title in the memory of their fallen friend. “You Got Served” raked in over $48 million at the box office and a sequel is now in the works. It is the winner of an American Choreography Award and was nominated for an MTV Movie, Teen Choice, and Young Artist Award. The film is rated PG-13 due to some sexual themes and references.