• Publication date: July 30, 2010

Written in Blood Written in Blood

John Traveller is a police detective who is found at the scene of ...

John Traveller is a police detective who is found at the scene of his wife and her lover’s murder with a shotgun in hand. John’s partner, Matthew Ransom, is first to arrive on the scene and hesitates to apprehend his friend and colleague but given all the evidence against him, John is eventually convicted of murder and sentenced to prison. Meanwhile, Matthew has his own problems and his alcoholism has ruined his marriage and starts to affect his performance on the job, leading to his dismissal. Shortly before that happens though he attempts to exonerate John, and finds extremely convincing evidence that implicates the John's daughter, Jude Traveller in the murder. Despite John’s confession to the crime, a series of copycat murders continue to occur after he is behind bars. All of the victims are somehow related to John Traveller, and a Sherlock Holmes style clue is left behind at each murder scene, another bizarre fact since the fallen cop is a huge fan of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s stories. In parallel, Jude begins to successfully cozy up to Matthew– despite his fears that it is a horribly bad decision. While John’s guilt or innocence remains unclear a serial killer continues to run rampant, and the solo sleuth will attempt to remain one step ahead, or else quite possibly face death himself.