• Publication date: June 27, 2012


A young boy is determined to avenge his father's murder and reinstate justice.

  • Publication date: June 27, 2012


Program data

Duration: 120

Production Year: 2002

MBC 2:

July 5, 2012 03:45 (KSA) ~ July 5, 2012 02:45 (CLT)

In Europe's Dark Ages, tribes in northern Russia fought viciously for control of their respective territories.  Their weaponry was substandard however, and battles were repeatedly lost due to poor craftsmanship.  Rumor spreads of a master blacksmith whose products are unbreakable, and so many go out and search for him.


The man who eventually finds the blacksmith isZhadoba (GennadiyMakoev), a bitter chieftain who has forsaken his morals.Zhadoba kills the sword maker and forces his son (AleksandrBukharov) into slave labor.  For years the young boy completed physically exhausting work, though he never forgot his father's craft, and would eventually seek revenge against Zhadoba.



  • AleksandrBukharov
  • Oksana Akinshina
  • AlexandrDomogarov
  • EvgeniaTodarashko
  • Igor Petrenko

  • JuozasBudraitis


Directed by: NikolayLebedev


Rating: Rated R for sequences of violence.