• Publication date: July 31, 2010

Whirlygirl Whirlygirl

James is a British student at an American boarding school. Academic expectations ...

James is a British student at an American boarding school. Academic expectations are high there, but so are the guys’ testosterone levels. James’ friend, Raoul manages to book one of America’s hottest strippers to secretly perform on campus; it is James’ job to sneak Whirlygirl into the boys’ dormitory however, and his efforts prove successful. Once inside Whirlygirl does, as advertised, blow all of the boys’ minds. Unfortunately she also steals James’ watch, a family heirloom of immeasurable value. James leaves Connecticut and heads to New York City, the stripper’s home. After ransacking the dancer’s apartment he finally reclaims his watch. Yet what would ordinarily be a tense situation turns sweet, and James and Whirlygirl find themselves falling in love. In order to visit his love more regularly James begins skipping classes, causing tension between him and his teachers. Neither his peers nor instructors can fathom why an intelligent young man on the verge of graduation is behaving so recklessly. While it may seem that Whirlygirl is nothing more than a bad influence on the pupil, she does teach him how to socialize, transforming the bookworm into a party animal. Whirlygirl adores James because he is the first man to treat her like a lady, not just an exotic dancer; he adores her merely because no other woman ever has. Threatened with expulsion James must choose between a practical life and quality education, or attempting to repair the broken life of a twenty-something stripper. At the same time Whirlygirl must decide whether or not she should set him free, subsequently saving his academic career. Moviegoers who enjoyed Girl Next Door and Risky Business will likely feel similarly about Whirlygirl. Rating: Rated R for sexuality and explicit language.