• Publication date: May 27, 2009

Undiscovered Undiscovered

Brier Tucket and Luke Falcon are an attractive young couple who fall in ...

Brier Tucket and Luke Falcon are an attractive young couple who fall in love at first sight. Unfortunately, neither Luke nor Brier capitalize on their emotions – something they soon regret. Fate will bring them together once again, but will they pass up a second chance at love? Brier is a New Yorker struggling to make a name for herself in the modelling industry; Luke is a musician visiting his brother, Euan, before heading back to his native Los Angeles. While on the subway, and almost immediately before departing for LA, Luke bumps into Brier; instantly the two are mesmerized with each other, but for some reason neither do as much as even exchange numbers. The lovely, yet uncomfortable moment is sealed in the couple’s minds when Luke throws his winter gloves for Brier to keep just as the subway’s doors close. Time passes. Luke continues pursuing his musical career in Los Angeles, playing at various small clubs in the area and dreaming of stardom. Meanwhile, in New York, Brier begins doubting her prospects as a model, opting instead to pursue dancing. Later, once settled in the city of angels, she will find her true calling as an actress. One night while clubbing with friend and fellow acting student Clea she randomly attends one of Luke’s performances. Recognizing Brier, Luke calls his anonymous crush from the stage, and later formally introduces himself to her. Both girls agree that the young singer is talented, but after a bad experience with a British rocker, Brier has vowed to never date a musician again. Obviously Luke is disappointed with her decision, but Brier has no intention of abandoning him. Rather than pursue a platonic relationship with Luke, the aspiring actress, along with Clea use their industry contacts to jumpstart the young musician’s career. With some obsessive guerrilla marketing the two ladies land Luke a record contract; he is an overnight sensation who is destined for international stardom. Despite Brier’s vow to never date a rock star, she is frequently tempted. Tensions rise further when Luke scores a hot Brazilian model as a companion. While both are scared to commit to each other, their friends and associates are convinced that they are perfect for one another. Will Luke and Brier overcome their fears, or will they make a decision both will regret? This movie is rated PG-13 for sexual material including dialogue, partial nudity, language and drug content.