• Publication date: February 20, 2012

Tsunami: The Aftermath

Inspired by true accounts, a miniseries focusing on a group of fictional characters caught up in the harrowing aftermath of the tsunami that devastated the coast of Thailand.

Program data

Duration: 210

Production Year: 2006

MBC 2:

June 5, 2012 05:30 (KSA) ~ June 5, 2012 04:30 (CLT)

A tale of personal loss, survival and hope, the movie follows a group of fictional characters whose lives are irrevocably transformed by the cataclysmic natural disaster.

Among those whose stories are followed are: a young couple searching for their child; a Thai survivor who loses his family and tries to prevent developers from seizing the land his village is built on.

Also followed are an Englishwoman whose husband and son are missing; an ambitious reporter; a relief worker; an overwhelmed British official whose faith in the system is torn apart.

And the story of a leading Thai meteorologist’ is told after his report detailing the inevitability of a tsunami hitting the affected area was ignored.


  • Tim Roth
  • ChiwetelEjiofor
  • Sophie Okonedo
  • Hugh Bonneville
  • Gina McKee
  • SamritMachielsen

Directed by: Bharat Nalluri