• Publication date: February 20, 2012

To Kill a Priest

A secret police officer's brutal quest to silence a dissident priest.

  • Publication date: February 20, 2012

To Kill a Priest

Program data

Duration: 120

Production Year: 1988

MBC 2:

February 27, 2012 04:30 (KSA) ~ February 27, 2012 03:30 (CLT)

In the early to mid-80s Poland is undergoing drastic change, despite the government's determination to thwart it.  The country is slowly abandoning its communist roots, and one of its staunchest critics is Father Alek(Christopher Lambert), a priest whose fiery speeches are propelling the nation into rebellion.


Stefan (Ed Harris) is a member of the country's secret police, and a firm supporter of the communist party.  He sincerely believes that Alek's movement is detrimental to Poland's best interests, and so he dedicates himself to silencing the priest by any means necessary.



Directed by: Agnieszka Holland





  • Christopher Lambert
  • Ed Harris
  • Joss Ackland
  • Tim Roth
  • Timothy Spall