• Publication date: September 9, 2009

They They

Julia Lund (Laura Regan) is a psychology student on the verge of completing ...

Julia Lund (Laura Regan) is a psychology student on the verge of completing her master's thesis. One night an old friend, Billy (Jon Abrahams) insists that they meet for a late-night dinner at a local restaurant. Once there Billy begins describing a series of strange monsters who are attempting to kill him, and begs for some kind of help. More importantly, perhaps, he mentions night tremors that Julia, Billy, and a number of their friends experienced as children. It seems that these terrifying dreams are back, and that the horrifying monsters that harassed them have returned – this time thirsty for blood. Like any good student of psychology Julia begins to question her friend's sanity. She doesn't have much time to do that, nor probe any further about the demonic beings: Billy shoots himself in the head while sitting at the table. Soon afterward Julia and a number of other old schoolmates meet at their fallen friend's funeral. It seems that, like Billy, all of them had been experiencing night tremors identical to those of their childhood. Additionally, all of them awake with strange marks on their bodies. Julia is sure that it is only a matter of time before 'They' destroy her too. She's determined to outwit the strange beings; in the meantime those close to Julia believe she's going nutty. Recommendations for her to get some sleep imply she might be hallucinating. That might be the most frightening aspect of the story: like its protagonist viewers are not sure if the monsters are real, or if they are merely a form of psychosis. Director Robert Harmon occupies the director's seat, his first horror movie since the widely acclaimed 1986 release The Hitcher.