• Publication date: June 28, 2010

The Unsaid The Unsaid

The Unsaid is a film about Michael Hunter's struggle to cope with his ...

The Unsaid is a film about Michael Hunter's struggle to cope with his son's suicide and his attempt to rehabilitate Thomas Caffey, who reminds him of his own son. Kansas psychologist Dr. Michael Hunter quits his practice following the suicide of his teenage son Kyle. Disturbed by the death, and separated from his wife, Michael is soon approached by social worker Barbara. She needs him to evaluate her client, Thomas Caffey, a traumatized teenage boy who is due for release from a juvenile center. Having sworn not to deal with anymore patients, Garcia still cannot refrain himself from seeing and helping him. Feeling somewhat compelled to offer his services, Michael discovers the boy's horrible past involving his father, Joseph (Sam Bottoms), who is in prison for murder. Having discovered his mother's murdered body as a child, Tommy was institutionalized for years. Michael can't help but connect Tommy's trauma to the tragic story of his own son. The fact that Michael hasn't been able to forget the pain of his son's loss will make Michael's therapy of Vincent very special, because after some time with him, Vincent will reminisce Michael's own son. As Tommy is scheduled to be released for his upcoming 18th birthday, he begins to reveal information about his past that previously lay hidden. As Michael travels further into Tommy's painful history, he begins to dredge up a series of dangerous secrets. "The Unsaid" won Audience Award (Tom McLoughlin) and was nominated for Golden Star Award (Tom McLoughlin) in 2001 at the Marrakech International Film Festival. The film is rated R for violence, nudity, sexual content, language and some drug material.