• Publication date: May 2, 2013

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

Four best girlfriends hatch a plan to stay connected with one another as their lives start off in different directions.

Program data

Duration: 120

Production Year: 2005

MBC 2:

August 11, 2013 12:30 (KSA) ~ August 11, 2013 11:30 (CLT)

Four girls purchase a pair of pants while shopping together before going separate ways for summer.

Shy Lena takes the jeans to Greece where she is visiting her grandparents.

They hardly seem lucky when she falls into the sea while wearing the pants, only to be rescued by a local fisherman.

Lena sends them to Tibby who has stayed home for the summer to make a documentary.

Next the pants travel to Carmen, a talented writer living with her father for the summer.

The jeans make her face the anger she feels toward him for leaving her and her mother.

Finally, the jeans end up with Bridget, a beautiful, athletic wild child dealing with the loss of her mother.


  • Alexis Bledel
  • Blake Lively
  • America Ferrera
  • Amber Tamblyn
  • Bradley Whitford
  • Nancy Travis
  • Rachel Ticotin
  • Jenna Boyd

Directed by:Ken Kwapis

Rating:PG for thematic elements, some sensuality and language