• Publication date: October 1, 2012

The Silent Partner

A bank teller sees telltale signs that his bank is about to get heisted, and so preemptively empties most of the cash into his own safety deposit box, leaving just a little bit of money for the bank robber. The thief however does not sit well with the idea of being outsmarted by the teller.

  • Publication date: October 1, 2012

The Silent Partner

Program data

Duration: 105

Production Year: 1978


currently not on air

A classic cat-and-mouse, this riveting crime-thriller is Director Daryl Duke's adaptation of Anders Boelsen's book Think of a Number.

Miles Cullen (Elliott Gould), a savvy bank teller figures out Harry Reikle (Christopher Plummer)'s rouse of robbing the bank he works in several days ahead of Reikle's heist. So Miles start siphoning off cash into his own safety deposit box- in all $50,000.

But when Reikle discovers that he is being credited in the papers with stealing an extra $50,000, he kind of figures out where the money may have lost its way, and starts applying some pressure.

Quite the classic, this 1978 'sleeper' beats the thrills of the genre produced nowadays.


  • Elliott Gould
  • Christopher Plummer
  • Susannah York
  • John Candy
  • Michael Kirby

Directed by:  Daryl Duke

Rating:  R for violence, language and some sexuality.