• Publication date: June 29, 2012

The Perfect Weapon

A martial arts master seeks revenge after a drug gang senselessly murders his mentor.

  • Publication date: June 29, 2012

The Perfect Weapon

Program data

Duration: 80

Production Year: 1991

MBC 2:

August 2, 2012 07:10 (KSA) ~ August 2, 2012 06:10 (CLT)

As a teen, Jeff Sanders (Jeff Speakman) struggled to stay out of trouble.  His father contemplated sending him to a military school, though a friend named Kim (Mako Iwamatsu) suggested that the martial arts could help disciplinethe youngster.  Jeff soon became a master of Kenpo, and took Kim as a close mentor.

Years later Jeff would return to his neighborhood, where Kim faced constant pressure from local gangsters intent upon disguising his antiques shop as a drug depot.Jeff confronted the thugs and briefly scared them away, not realizing that they would later return to kill Kim in retaliation.


Directed by: Mark DiSalle

Rating: Rated R for martial arts violence and for some language.