• Publication date: April 8, 2012

The Longest Night

A tycoon's daughter is buried alive and held for ransom by an ingenious kidnapper.

John Danbury (James Farentino) has planned a diabolical, seemingly foolproof crime.  He intends to kidnap Karen Chambers (Sallie Shockley), a prominent millionaire's twenty-year old daughter and bury her in an underground chamber.  The homebuilt capsule contains an air pump and just enough food and oxygen to last ten days.  Danbury refuses to reveal Karen's location until he receives $500,000 in cash, and her father may have no other choice but to comply.


The Longest Night is based upon the 1968 kidnapping of millionaire heiress Barbara Jane Mackle by Gary Krist.



  • David Janssen
  • James Farentino
  • Phyllis Thaxter
  • Skye Aubrey
  • Mike Farrell
  • Sallie Shockley