• Publication date: June 24, 2010

The Last Days of Frankie the Fly

A smalltime mobster rebels against his overbearing boss.

Program data

Duration: 105

Production Year: 1996

MBC 2:

March 25, 2012 02:30 (KSA) ~ March 25, 2012 01:30 (CLT)

Frankie (Dennis Hopper) is a low ranking member of the mob, who's belittled by Sal (Michael Madsen),his boss.  His best friend is Joey (Kiefer Sutherland), an NYU film school graduate with a fledgling career directing pornos.  He's also a gambling addict, who owes Sal a significant amount of money.


When Frankie falls in love with Margaret (Daryl Hannah), one of Joey's actresses, the couple produces a profitable adult film starring themselves.  That upsets Sal, who wants a piece of the action, and abducts Joey and Margaret.  Now Frankie must go head to head against Sal to rescue them.

Directed by: Peter Markle



  • Dennis Hopper
  • Daryl Hannah
  • Michael Madsen
  • Kiefer Sutherland