• Publication date: August 6, 2009

The In-Laws The In-Laws

Jerry Peyser (Albert Brooks) is anticipating both a father’s most joyous and most ...

Jerry Peyser (Albert Brooks) is anticipating both a father’s most joyous and most heartbreaking lifetime event: his daughter’s wedding. Melissa (Lindsay Sloane) will soon wed her true love, Mark Tobias (Ryan Reynolds). With only a few days remaining until the ceremony Jerry must finally met his soon-to-be in law, Steve (Douglas). As the two men bond, Jerry discovers an interesting, though not initially disturbing fact: Steve is a CIA operative whose daily life involves unthinkable danger. Yet once Jerry is aware of this information he becomes entangled in Steve’s wild and dangerous life. This may be thrilling for some, but not Jerry, a slightly dweebish podiatrist who fears leaving home without his fanny pack. Soon the normally introverted foot doctor accompanies the CIA agent to France where they track down an arms smuggler, but not before they steal an airplane belonging to Barbra Streisand and leap off of skyscrapers. Their adventures catch the FBI’s attention, who have no idea Steve is an undercover CIA agent. The two men now must defend their country, ward off confused law enforcement officers and manage to remain alive long enough to attend Mark and Melissa’s wedding The surreal experience arouses fear in Jerry’s heart, and he wonders if the Tobias’ and Peysers’ can truly live together without dying in the process. Steve is frustrated as well, hoping that the uptight podiatrist will relax and enjoy the most action-packed day of his life. Meanwhile Mark, Melissa, Mrs. Peyser (Maria Ricossa), and Steve’s ex-wife, Judy (Bergen) are oblivious to the men’s top-secret escapades. Will a series of (mis)adventures ruin Melissa and Mark’s big day The In-Laws soundtrack features a wide range of popular tunes by artists like Elvis, Paul McCartney, and The Bee Gees. Disco legends KC & The Sunshine Band also make a delightful appearance. The film is rated PG-13 for suggestive humor, language, some drug references and action violence.