• Publication date: August 6, 2009

The Hours The Hours

Extending the idea behind the book Mrs. Dalloway, written by English author Virginia ...

Extending the idea behind the book Mrs. Dalloway, written by English author Virginia Woolf, The Hours, is a delicate reflection through layers of time, linking the lives of three depressed and imbalanced women, who live in three separate cities, across three different eras. Nicole Kidman plays the desperate writer in 1923 drowning in the depths of depression while trying to write her book, which revolves around the character Clarissa Dalloway. Dalloway is an upper-middle class Englishwoman throwing a party, while being taunted by hints of the more adventurous life she could have led. Laura Brown’s story is set in 1951 when she begins reading Mrs. Dalloway the same day she is baking a cake for her husband, Dan, a World War II veteran who fails to realize the depression and agitation his wife is going through. However, her shy son Ritchie, who clings ever so closely to his mother, is fully aware of her state. In 2001, New Yorker Clarissa Vaughan is planning a party for her AIDS afflicted friend, Richard Brown, who is about to receive an award for his poetry. Initially the two were lovers, but both later tended towards partners of the same sex. Time is a major theme throughout the film, which allows us to transcend time into the lives of three women. At the same time, we feel its restrictive force by seeing the little of it these women have in deciding to either live the enjoyable life they always wanted, or spend the rest of it dispirited. Philip Glass’s score excels at transporting us through time and was nominated for Best Music, Original Score, while Kidman picked up an Oscar for Best Actress. This movie is rated PG-13 for mature thematic elements, some disturbing images and brief language.