• Publication date: February 1, 2012

The Era of Vampires

A traditional vampire tale transported to 17th century China with a Kung-Fu makeover.

Program data

Duration: 90

Production Year: 2003

MBC 2:

February 4, 2012 04:30 (KSA) ~ February 4, 2012 03:30 (CLT)

Agroup of hunters ledby Master Mao Shan (Ji Chun Hua) battle a vicious vampire and face utter defeat.  Master Mao Shan follows the vampire afterward, while four of his surviving students trail closely behind.


In parallel, a young woman named Sasa (Anya) is marrying into a wealthy family and resides at their ominous estate, filled with poisonous snakes and dead bodies preserved in wax.  Sasa's brother hopes to use his sister's newfound family connections to steal a chest of gold hidden within the compound, but wakes up the wax-covered corpses in the process.


  • Ken Chang  
  • Michael Chow Man-Kin
  • Suet Lam
  • Kwok-Kwan Chan
  • Sasa