• Publication date: May 6, 2010

The Descent The Descent

"The Descent" is a British film that premiered in US theatres in 2005 ...

"The Descent" is a British film that premiered in US theatres in 2005 and is about Sarah, whose husband and daughter are killed in a car crash. A year later she and her friend, Beth, are invited to the Appalachian Mountains by their mutual friend, Juno. They are joined by Holly and sisters Sam and Rebecca but the group of friends have no idea that disaster is in store. On their drive to the mountains, a tunnel collapses behind them, and audiences quickly find out that Juno brought them to an unexplored cave system in a misguided effort to reunite the group. As they try to find a way out, Holly breaks her leg in a fall. As the others assist her, Sarah wanders off and sees a pale humanoid that disappears into the darkness when it senses her. Others dismiss it as a hallucination. The creatures attack the group. Juno fights with one of the creatures and kills it, but another creature drags Holly away, and Juno accidentally stabs Beth through the throat. Beth grabs Juno's necklace as she falls to the ground, and Juno runs away. She eventually finds Sam and Rebecca, and kills another creature. They examine it, and conclude that the creatures hunt by sound, because they are completely blind. Beth gives Sarah Juno's necklace, which reveals that Juno was having an affair with Sarah's late husband. At her request, Sarah euthanizes Beth. Sam and Rebecca are both killed by the creatures, but Juno manages to escape. Sarah finds Juno, who lies to her about Beth's death. The two make their way onwards only to find a group of creatures between them and a possible exit. A fight ensues, and the women kill the creatures. Sarah then shows the necklace to Juno, revealing that she knows about the affair. She cripples Juno, leaving her to be presumably killed by the creatures. Fleeing, Sarah falls down and is knocked unconscious. She dreams of finding the exit to the caves and escaping. The sight of a bloodied Juno startles Sarah from her dream. The creatures' screams are heard as the film ends. The film was rated R for strong violence/gore and language. With a production budget of around US$ 3.5 million, the worldwide revenues of "The Descent" amounted to US$ 57 million. The movie won Saturn Award for best horror film in 2007, British Independent Film Award for best director (Neil Marshall) in 2005, and Golden Thriller Award for best thriller in 2007.