• Publication date: June 1, 2011

The Da Vinci Treasure

A man believes that the keys to enlightenment are within the works of Da Vinci.

  • Publication date: June 1, 2011

The Da Vinci Treasure

Program data

Duration: 95

Production Year: 2006

MBC 2:

October 2, 2012 07:55 (KSA) ~ October 2, 2012 06:55 (CLT)

C. Thomas Howell portrays Michael Archer, a Leonardo da Vinci enthusiast who believes the artist's paintings contain clues to achieving enlightenment.  He suspects that those who inherited Da Vinci's estate buried its treasures around the world, and that locating them will guide Archer to the ultimate truth.


He is not the only individual searching for the treasures however.  Dr. John Coven (Lance Henriksen) follows Archer's every step, and resorts to violence when necessary to obtain each missing piece.  The quest begins in Italy with the Shroud of Turin and then to its true location: a modest Californian church. 



  • C. Thomas Howell
  • Lance Henriksen
  • Nicole Sherwin
  • Alexis Zibolis
  • Elvis Naumovski