• Publication date: October 1, 2009

The Core

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When the earth's core stops spinning scientists voyage underneath its surface to investigate.

  • Publication date: October 1, 2009

The Core

Program data

Duration: 135

Production Year: 2003

MBC 2:

July 18, 2013 15:15 (KSA) ~ July 18, 2013 14:15 (CLT)

In the future the earth's core suddenly ceases to spin, spawning a series of catastrophes worldwide.  A crew of scientists are sent in a special craft to the planet's center; once there, they plan to detonate nuclear blasts at strategic locations to launch the core back into motion.

Complications occur along the way however, and crew members struggle for solutions to save the planet from certain destruction.  Meanwhile, above ground, a hacker is employed to keep the entire project a secret to prevent worldwide panic.

The Core was a commercial success, earning $73 million at theaters.


  • Aaron Eckhart
  • Delroy Lindo
  • Hilary Swank
  • TchĂ©ky Karyo
  • DJ Qualls
  • Bruce Greenwood
  • Stanley Tucci

Directed by:  John Amiel

Rating:  PG-13 for sci-fi life/death situations and brief strong language.