• Publication date: August 31, 2010

The Contractor The Contractor

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Retired CIA agent James Dial has lived on a secluded ranch in Montana ...

Retired CIA agent James Dial has lived on a secluded ranch in Montana ever since a lapse in concentration cost him a chance to take down terrorist cell leader, Ali Mahmud Jahar. One day, James is paid a visit from his former employer, Jeremy Collins, who wants to offer James one more chance to eliminate Ali. The terrorist mastermind is in custody in London, but Collins fears that if he goes to prison, he will continue to run his operation from behind bars. As an assassin and professional marksman of the highest degree, James is uniquely qualified for the assignment. But there is one catch: if he fails and blows his cover, he will have to be eliminated himself. Jame heads to London equipped with a passport, an assistant, and a safe house and assumes the guise of a priest, and ascends to the top of a church bell tower located across the street from where Jahar is located. This time, James waits patiently, and with a special scope mechanism kills Jahar with a shot to the head. The mission appears to be a success, but his assistant is late bringing the getaway car and the cops notice the two men fleeing the scene. A wild chase ensues, ending with the driver being killed and the car crashing to a stop. Badly hurt, James escapes and finds his way to the safe house where he is taken in by a curious 12-year old girl named Emily (Eliza Bennett). With his cover being blown, it is only a matter of time before Collins will try to hunt him down to clean up the trail of evidence. Now the marksman is the marked man.