• Publication date: May 29, 2010

The Concierge The Concierge

Michael J. Fox is Doug Ireland, the manager of an upscale New York ...

Michael J. Fox is Doug Ireland, the manager of an upscale New York hotel, who dreams of opening his own hotel one day and so he saves the money from his modest salary and manages to buy land on the Manhattan Island of Roosevelt…but he still needs $3 million to begin construction and has no way to obtain it. That’s where shyster Christian Hanover (Anthony Higgins) comes in, he’s a wealthy businessman with an exquisite mistress Andy Hart (Gabrielle Anwar) by his side. But Christian hires Doug to pretend to be Andy’s boyfriend so that he can keep his lover around without arousing his wife’s suspicion. Doug reluctantly agrees and is told that Christian intends to divorce his wife and live with Andy and of course he will be paid a hefty$3 million to keep up the charade. Soon it becomes clear, however, that Christian has no intention of leaving his wife for Andy and Doug feels guilty about continuing the façade and, much to Christian’s chagrin, ends their business agreement. But not before Doug has developed feelings for Andy, feelings that are not only romantic but also compassionate in nature. As Andy and Christian prepare for a vacation in Europe, Doug rushes to the airport to reveal Christian’s intentions. Can the aspiring hotel owner reach his love before it is too late?